U23 Women’s Day 5 recap

U23 Women’s Day 5 recap

The Under 23 National Championships are taking place this week in Redland, Queensland

Check out the recap from day 5 for Victoria’s Women’s team.

Day 5:

In Game 1, a few rallies with the bat was not enough to see us secure a win against SA, going down in a 10-5 defeat.

Score: Vic (5) V: SA (10)

In Game 2, Queensland’s strong batting peformance saw them open the game with a home run and they continued to add runs in each innings.

The Vic’s fought back getting to 4-6, and looking very dangerous with lots of hits down the center. A Vic runner was then struck by a fiercely batted ball and called 3rd out.

Score: The Vic (4) V: Qld (15)

Day 6 schedule:

The Vic’s are looking forward to their third vs fourth final tomorrow night against South Australia at 8:00pm.

You can follow the schedule and live scores via the link here:

Stay tuned to Softball Victoria Facebook page for photos throughout the week at the Under 23 National Championships.