Trish Rae celebrated with Service Award

Trish Rae celebrated with Service Award

Congratulations to Trish Rae, who is a recpieient of the Merle Short Service award.

Trish became involved in softball in 1993 as a result of providing a sport for her daughters (Meaghan and Belinda) to play, and soon became involved in coaching and scoring the girls’ teams.

Trish has served her club Hiway for more than 15 years and served continuously on the Sunshine Softball Association (SSA) board for over 10 years. She’s also SSA Life Member and has assisted in countless roles including as – secretary, canteen, fundraising, representative team scorer and manager, uniforms.

Since stepping down from official board duties, Trish has continued to support Sunshine at state championships as a volunteer with canteen and various team duties.

Whenever the call out has been made for extra volunteers, Trish doesn’t hesitate to come along and support the sport she loves.