SV Fastpitch Pocket Profile: Peter Lambley

SV Fastpitch Pocket Profile: Peter Lambley

SV Media chats to Knights catches Peter Lambley in the latest edition of SV Fastpitch Pocket Profiles.


Peter Lambley


What excites you most about playing for the Knights this season?

We have a solid group of blokes. We’ve had a strong group of talent coming through and it’s a group that we’ve had for a while now.

So being able to play with the same group of boys, as well as adding some new blood in.

My softball highlight has been…?

I captained Victoria back in 2010 in the U19’s. It’s probably the best thing that I’ve done, we didn’t get the win at nationals, but it was an absolute privilege to have been able to do it.

My hobbies and interests outside of softball are…?

Fundraising at the moment. I ran a local softball game a couple of weeks ago raising money for Lifeline. I’ve helped raised almost $2000 for Lifeline this year so I’ve been stoked with that.

If you’d like to donate and support Peter’s fundraiser ‘Slow Pitch for Life’ for Lifeline – visit the link here:

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