SV announce fee discount and further support to associations and clubs

SV announce fee discount and further support to associations and clubs

Softball Victoria (SV) have today announced the next stage of support being provided to affiliate associations to combat the disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The continued growth and sustainability of Victorian member associations and clubs is a priority in Victoria, and the support being provided is in line with SV’s focus to grow the sport at every level.

All Senior, Junior and Sub-Junior membership fees will be discounted by 30% to ensure that fees are reflective of the impact of COVID-19, and provide some relief for members who may be having financial challenges in such a difficult economic climate.

It is important to note that the 30% discount applies only to the Softball Victoria component of fees and will be applied to the fees charged directly to member associations. Member associations and clubs are responsible for setting membership fees that are charged to individual members.

Over the past 3 weeks Softball Victoria have provided over $20k worth of signage, sanitiser and cleaning products, to support member associations and venues to return to community participation as soon as restrictions allow.

In addition, SV have centrally managed the roll-out of QR code technology to ensure each association and venue can collect personal details of each attendee in a safe and secure way, without the requirement for pen and paper – to assist contact tracing if required.

Summary of support

  • 30% discount on SV component for 2020/21 summer season membership fees for Senior, Junior and Sub-Junior categories (Officials and Off-Diamond categories are already provided free of charge by SV).
  • Investment of over $20k by Softball Victoria to provide signage, sanitiser and cleaning products to each member association and venue.
  • Delivery of simple, easy to access QR code technology for each association and venue to track attendance.
  • Resource support increased significantly with Regional Development Coordinators, Danielle Rigg and Tim Hatzi working closely with association committees on their return to play plans.

Softball Victoria CEO Nick Frayne said the support is much needed:

“Victorian member associations and clubs have done an outstanding job navigating through the pandemic, and as the governing body of softball in Victoria, I see this support as our responsibility to ensure all our members can access softball in a safe and viable way.” Frayne said.

“There will clearly be an increased workload for our volunteers to ensure they are abiding by the rules and regulations in place, particularly with regards to cleaning and sanitisation, enforcing social distancing, face-masks and attendance tracking.”

“Softball Victoria have been able to alleviate some of that pressure by providing bulk products that can be picked up and used easily by volunteers, reducing their workload and making life a bit easier as we transition to community sport once again.”

SV has focused greatly on the participation space, and these support initiatives are another step in helping affiliates adjust to a new ‘Covid normal’. 

“The significant fee discount is a reflection of the current climate and acknowledgement that some of our members are doing it tough at the moment, and this is our way of ensuring that they can still participate in softball,” added Frayne.

“Softball Victoria have already invested heavily in this space, with Danielle Rigg and Tim Hatzi both employed in February to support associations and clubs in growing participation at all levels.”

“It has been a tough few months for everyone in Victoria, however it’s now a really exciting time with restrictions continuing to ease and a return to softball imminent, albeit in a different way than we may be used to.”