Strategic Plan 2018-22 – The Halfway Mark

Strategic Plan 2018-22 – The Halfway Mark

Softball Victoria (SV) has reached the half way mark of its four-year strategic plan unveiled in 2018.  

The Softball Victoria Strategic Plan 2018-2022 is focused on three key pillars – profile, recruitment and retention. 

SV is pleased to share an update that showcases the growth across all three areas and outlines the challenges that lie ahead. 


Across the past two years, SV has seen an increase in reach across its digital media channels, boosted government funding by over 15%, established the Peta Edebone Cup competition and secured the right to host National Championships events for a further three years. 


In the recruitment space, SV welcomed two new staff members in the participation and development realm and recorded over 15,000 annual school participants, and confirmed changing to the fully loaded softball format across SSV competitions in 2020. 


SV delivered 10 Change Our Game workshops, established 5 new community awards, implemented and launched the State Championships zone model, and continued the growth in Masters softball participation. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, SV will face some significant challenges with – membership growth – the grassroots development pathway – and business sustainability – all crucial elements in ensuring the long-term growth and advancement of Victorian softball. 

SV would like to thank the Victorian softball community for their dedicated, loyal, passionate and continued support to softball to Victoria.