Sporting Club Grants Update

Sporting Club Grants Update

Softball Victoria encourages your club or association to apply for the following grants.

Sport and Recreation Victoria Sporting Club Grant and Round 3 of the Community Sport Sector Short Term Survival Package (only clubs and associations that have not previously received funding in round 1 or 2 need to apply).

Sporting Club Grant

The closing date for the grant has been extended to 11 May 2021.

There are 5 grant categories – up to $1,000 grants for Uniforms and Equipment, up to $2000 -$5,000 grants for Skill Development, up to $5,000 for Organisational capacity, up to $2,000 – $5,000 for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recovery (Very important in order to fund COVID Safe items and initiatives), and up to $5,000 to cover any event cancellations during the five-day circuit breaker lockdown from 13-17 February 2021.

Here is the link to more information and how to apply.

Community Sport Sector Short-term Survival Package

In addition, Round 3 of the Victorian Government Community Sport Sector Short-term Survival Package is open to clubs and association to apply, that have not previously received any funding in Round 1 or 2.

If you are one of these clubs or associations, we strongly encourage you to apply. Clubs and Associations that did receive funding in either Round 1 or 2 will automatically receive a top up grant, $1,500 for associations and $750 for clubs.

Please click on the link for more information Community Sport Sector Short-term Survival Package – Sport and Recreation Victoria

If you need any support with either grant or ideas on what to apply for please contact or

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