Softball Victoria return to play guidelines

Softball Victoria return to play guidelines

Softball Victoria advises groups of up to 10 players are able to train outdoors from the 13th May 2020 following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the updated restrictions today following the three-step process recommended by the National Cabinet last week. 

It is imperative to be aware that Softball Victoria and our community are guided first and foremost by the State Government of Victoria on the return to community and representative softball play and training.

Further to this, it is important to acknowledge the role that the COVIDsafe App will play in the advertised three-step process, and as such we strongly recommend that our community consider the benefits that come along with downloading the app.

If we all work together to stop the spread of COVID-19, the sooner restrictions will continue to be lifted.

How the easing of restrictions relates to Victorian softball

As at 11:59pm on Tuesday 12th May, sport and exercise can resume if:

  • you can keep your distance (at least 1.5 metres apart), you are not doing your activities indoors and they are not competitive (team vs team); and 
  • you can do them with a maximum of 10 people plus one coach.

If you are unsure, ask yourself the following two questions:

  • Where is your activity practiced?
    • Indoors sport exercise is not allowed, unless it is practiced at home or via online sessions/classes.
    • Outdoors activities are allowed, as long as the other principles are met
  • Is it a non-contact or contact activity?
    • Non-contact sports and exercise are allowed but you need to maintain physical distancing
    • Contact sports and exercise must be modified so that you can maintain physical distancing, if you cannot do this, you cannot do it.  This means people can do training sessions for contact sports as long as physical distancing is possible.

Your outdoor sport or exercise activity can be part of a club, but you cannot use indoor club facilities, except toilets. Clubrooms, canteens, meeting rooms and other indoor facilities can not be utilised.

Only one group of 10 players is permitted per diamond at any given time. Softball Victoria will seek further clarification on open space restrictions in the near future.

If your sport has a team that is more than ten people, the whole team cannot play or train together at one time.

Use of shared sporting equipment should be minimised and there should be no sharing of equipment that touches the face or head (e.g. helmets, goggles or masks)

Associations and Clubs are urged to contact the local council to discuss use of facilities and any specific requirements in place as they may differ from council to council.

For further specific information on the restrictions in place from 13th May 2020 in Victoria please click the link below:

Softball Australia recently released a set of guidelines for returning to play, you can read this important information via the below link:

If you have any questions on this information please contact; Softball Victoria CEO Nick Frayne via