Softball Victoria Casual Membership 2020-21

2020-21 Casual Membership – Single Day Pass $15

Click HERE to purchase Softball Victoria Casual Membership 2020-21 

The 2020-21 Casual Membership provides a single day pass for individuals wishing to participate for a single day in club and/or association softball.

This can be pre-purchased with the date of membership to be provided upon purchase.

This membership cannot be used for most existing events outside of the traditional club-based competitions – including State Championships, Memorial Shield, Masters and others.

It is important to note the following:

  • Anyone can access a casual membership.
  • Only five (5) are permitted to be purchased per individual per season.
  • Cannot be purchased retrospectively, must be purchased and evidence provided prior to participating.
  • Individuals who decide to take up a full membership following the purchase of one or more casual memberships will not be refunded the costs of casual membership.
  • Casual membership can be used for Peta Edebone Cup and Men’s State League.

If you have any questions about the casual membership process please contact Nick Frayne at