School Coaches Take On Professional Development Day

School Coaches Take On Professional Development Day

The newly appointed Knox & District Softball Recruitment Officer, Danielle Rigg organised a group of members interested in becoming a Sporting Schools Coach to attend a professional development day.

Sporting Schools is a $200 million Australian Government initiative designed to help schools increase children’s participation in sport, and connect them with community sporting opportunities.

Specifically designed to deliver sporting school programs to Primary school children, the 4-hour session focused on incorporating the Softball Batter Up Activates, group management and program preparation. 

This interactive session encouraged participation, creative thinking and Coaches sharing ideas.

As an opportunity to expose students and parents to our sport, Softball Victoria is working with Knox Softball Association to pilot an Association/Zone Sporting Schools Provider.

The aim is to build closer relationships with local Primary schools and help make them push participation in community sport.

Danielle, has already been very active in building relationships with local PE teachers and generating sporting school program requests with a view to provide a school specific mini competition hosted by Knox. 

For more information on finding a Coach in the Knox region, please contact Danielle Rigg via email