Active Club Grants Opened for Softball Clubs & Associations

Active Club Grants Opened for Softball Clubs & Associations

Victorian softball clubs and associations are eligible to apply for VicHealth’s Active Club Grant to increase opportunities for more members to be active. 

The Grants focus on two main areas to help encourage more Victorians to participate in sport.  

  1. Increasing female participation opportunities.
  2. Supporting social and modified sport programs for less active Victorians.

Funding information:

There are two sports funding tiers available to apply for an Active Club Grant. 

You can also submit two separate applications – one for each tier – but your club can only be successful once.

The applications page can be accessed online via the link here:

Tier 1: Up to $3000

This tier is open to all eligible clubs across Victoria. This tier is where the majority of available funds will be allocated, allowing VicHealth to support a wide range of clubs across the state.

Tier 2: Between $3001 and up to $10,000 (limited to 12 successful grants per round)

Club applying for $10,000.00 needs to demonstrate at least one of the following:

  • A membership base of over 200; or
  • The ability to reach a large number of Victorians through a program or multiple teams; or
  • Implementing new initiatives due to significant demand resulting from population growth.

This Girl Can

VicHealth is also offering successful Active Club Grant Clubs funded in Round One, 2019-20 an opportunity to become a This Girl Can – Victoria Campaign Supporter.

The aim is to showcase that women should be able to be active whenever, wherever and however they choose. 

If approved by VicHealth, your club will receive an additional $2,000 (ex GST). The funds should be used to cover any staff or volunteer time (honorarium) or any material expenses such as printing of posters. You can express your interest to be a Campaign Supporter in your application.


To apply, please visit the VicHealth Active Club website and submit your application before the closing date on 24 February 2020 at 12:00pm.

To apply to become a This Girl Can campaign supporter, please visit the link here:

Key Dates

Applications Open19 November, 2019
Applications Close24 February 2020
Partnership Grant Recipients AnnouncedOn Or Before 30 April 2020

Grant application assistance:

Softball Victoria’s Development Manager Scot Nicholson is available to assist with grant applications. 

Please reach out via his contact details below if you require assistance with submitting your application.

Scot Nicholson, Development Manager:

M: 0402 679 161

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for information about this grant round.

For any queries related to the application system, please see the IT Frequently Asked Questions

You can also email VicHealth at or call (03) 9667 1308, 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday and aim to respond to all enquiries within 2 business days.