Registrations closing for SV Sporting Schools Coaches Forum this Sunday

Registrations closing for SV Sporting Schools Coaches Forum this Sunday

Softball Victoria (SV) is hosting a Sporting Schools Coaches Forum this Sunday 15th April to share ideas, review current processes and identify areas for improvement with the Sporting Schools Program (SSP).

Delivered as a group discussion by SV Association Coordinator, Kerrie Evans, the Sporting Schools Forum will seek to discuss school holiday programs and the transition from Sporting Schools to clubs.

Sporting Schools is an Australian Government initiative designed to help schools to increase children’s participation in sport, connect children with community sport and nurture a lifelong love of sport in over 800,000 children.

Conducted in partnership with more than 30 National Sporting Organisations (NSOs), Sporting Schools works to coordinate sporting organisations, coaches and teachers to deliver sports before, during and after school. The programs are underpinned by the quality assurance provided by the NSOs and are free to families.

Sporting Schools provides a wide range of benefits to students, parents, teachers and community members including:

  • Growth in junior participation for both boys and girls
  • Community engagement with local associations
  • School yard to softball sports star pathways
  • Education and development for teachers, parents, and community members

Since Term 3 in 2016, Softball Victoria has delivered 1,418 Sporting Schools softball sessions to over 9,000 students from 132 schools.

SV strongly encourages all interested members to actively engage with surrounding primary schools to discuss choosing softball as a part of the Sporting Schools initiative.

SV also encourages associations to promote the program within their zones, Sporting Schools coaches to promote with their areas and associations to recruit Sporting School Coaches.

There are currently 55 endorsed Sporting Schools coaches and 25 active SV Sporting Schools Program coaches in Victoria. If you’re interested in becoming a Sporting Schools coach, click here.

The SV Sporting Schools Forum will be held Sunday 15th April from 10.00am to 12.00 noon at the Manningham Club, Thompson Road, Bulleen. All interested members are welcome.

To register for the SV Sporting Schools Forum, click here. For further details, please contact Kerrie Evans via email –