Ray Carter resigns from scoring committee

Ray Carter resigns from scoring committee

Softball Victoria wishes to announce that Ray Carter has officially resigned from his involvement with the Scoring Committee.

After over 12 years of service to the Scoring Committee, Ray decided that it’s time to take a step back and tended his resignation. 

It has been accepted with thanks for all the long hours and dedicated he undertook to further the scoring program, with special mention to his work in establishing and then maintaining the scorer’s database.

As a scorer Ray attained his Level 1 accreditation in 1991, his Level 3 accreditation in 2000, and his Level 4 Scoring & Statistics accreditation in 2007.

He attended and contributed to many state-wide scorer’s refresher courses, and was a lecturer, assessor and mentor for beginner scorers – with scorers at his local Northern District Softball Association particularly benefiting from Ray’s willingness to share his time and expertise. 

He also became proficient in using technology to record scoring plays and in particular the use of the iScore App. Ray was a team statistician for a number of junior state teams and contributed many hours towards the running of State and Masters Championships, organising draws and administering results.

Softball Victoria and the wider softball community sincerely thank Ray for his outstanding contribution to the sport.