Presenters and Assessors Course

Presenters and Assessors Course

One of the keys to developing more capable and confident coaches is to be able to regularly run the necessary coaching courses.

Softball Victoria is offering a Presenters and Assessors course to the community to build the numbers of individuals that are qualified to run coaching courses.

The course will develop your skill and knowledge as an assessor and presenter at the combined Assessor and Presenter Training. This comprehensive course supports National Coaching Accreditation Schemes (NCAS) and National Officiating Accreditation Schemes (NOAS).

Assessor training focuses on building evaluation skills to improve competency-based assessment of coaches and officials, while the Presenters training looks at improving effectiveness in planning, preparing, delivering and reviewing presentations. This course is ideal for assessors and presenters in the NCAS or NOAS programs.

Topics include:

Planning the assessment process

Assessing competence

Presenters role and competency based training

Planning and preparing a presentation

Engaging your audience, learning styles and communication skills

Presentation and teaching methods for theory and practical content

Facilitation skills and questioning techniques

Effective use of a range of teaching aids (eg. data projector, video, whiteboards).

To successfully complete this course, participants must attend both presentation days and complete the required work and assessment tasks.

Please bring clothing appropriate for light exercise on Day One

The course will be held on 25/26 May at Werribee and will run from 10:00am to 4:00pm each day.

Please keep in mind that once qualified you are only able to present courses one level below your own qualification level. That is a Level 2 coach is only qualified to present a Level 1 course.

If you are interested in attending this course and becoming a qualified presenter and assessor please speak to your Association President who can them advise Simon Blundell of your interest.

Nominations for the course should be made to Simon by Wednesday 15 May. As there will be a limit of 10 participants for the course preference may be given to Associations without existing Presenters and Assessors.