Pocket Profile: Kylie Steemers

Pocket Profile: Kylie Steemers

SV Media gets to know the Teal Tornadoes’ Kylie Steemers in this edition of Pocket Profiles.


Kylie Steemers

Position in the Peta Edebone Cup?

1st Base

What excites you about playing for Teal Tornadoes this season?

Getting to play with girls that I’ve never played with before – and being in a younger team gives me an opportunity to be a role model for the younger players.

What is your advice to aspiring softballers? 

Softball is cool – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

My favourite thing about softball is… ?

Banter on the bench and/or diamond with my teammates, and the feeling of smacking a ball hard into the outfield.

Outside of softball I enjoy… ?

Getting my boogie on at a bar.

Favourite holiday destination?

USA or Canada.

What music do you listen to before a game?

Anything from bangers, to some country.

My most memorable softball moment is?

Hitting a grand slam in Brisbane at the 2019 Australian Uni Nationals.

Favourite post game treat?


The biggest influence on my softball journey is?

Greg Brown and Heather Webb

What’s most exciting about playing Peta Edebone Cup softball?

Having a challenging level of competition and playing in the fully loaded format, which makes it exciting and fast paced.

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