Pocket Profile: Katherine Laemmle

Pocket Profile: Katherine Laemmle

SV Media gets to know the Black Storm’s Katherine Laemmle in the latest edition of Pocket Profiles.


Katherine Laemmle

Position in the Peta Edebone Cup?

Centre Field

What excites you about playing for your franchise Black Storm this season?

I’m excited to play with Black Storm again, we’ve had great team banter and a really supportive culture over the last two years. It is exciting to watch all the up and coming girls come through and develop their skills.

What is your advice to aspiring young softballers? 

My advice would be to never give up. If you are unsuccessful in getting picked for a National team or your association, persevere and keep trying.

My favourite thing about softball is… ?

I love how no two games are ever the same and that you have multiple opportunities to bat and field. If you succeed 3 out of 10 times while batting then you are doing well.

Outside of softball I enjoy …?

Playing more softball as well as cricket. Go Mt Martha Reds!

Favourite holiday destination?

Cannot go past Disneyland.

What music do you listen to before a game?

I don’t listen to a particular song, I just hit shuffle on my playlist and hope something good comes on.

My most memorable softball moment is?

Stepping into the batting box for the first time in my Victorian uniform and seeing my family in the stands.

Favourite post game treat?

Can’t go wrong with canteen treats, dim sims or a hot dog.

The biggest influence on my softball journey is?

Jenny Cassidy. She pulled me aside at my first Nationals and told me to believe in my abilities and to never give up. I take that approach into every game I play.

What’s most exciting about playing Peta Edebone Cup softball?

I love the fast pace nature of the game. With loaded bases you are always on your toes from the very first pitch.

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