Pocket Profile: Alys Young

Pocket Profile: Alys Young

SV Media gets to know the Purple Haze’s Alys Young in the latest edition of Pocket Profiles.

Name: Alys Young

Position in the Peta Edebone Cup?

Centre Field

What excites you about playing for Purple Haze this season? 

Playing with quality athletes that I really respect, but don’t often get to compete with.

What is your advice to aspiring young softballers? 

Work hard and dream big in regards to what you can achieve. Your only limit is yourself.

My favourite thing about softball is… ?

The community and teammates make it a joy to come and play every week. Oh and running, I really like base running.

Outside of softball I enjoy… ?  

Anything athletic or fitness related. At the moment that is learning aerial silks and home workouts. I also enjoy gardening and being out in nature.

Favourite holiday destination?  

Camping in the forest by the beach.

What music do you listen to before a game?

Anything with a beat that I can have a little sing and bop to. I find having a dance is the perfect way to chill any nerves or stress before a game.

My most memorable softball moment is?

In my first Open Nationals with the Titans, I caught a massive fly ball over the fence while I was playing right field against NSW. It was a complete fluke – I’m sure I had my eyes closed and I had dropped stepped to the wrong side. But the softball gods were in my favour and put the ball straight into my glove – much to the surprise of myself, the two teams and coaches.

Favourite post game treat?

Nothing beats a Waverley potato cake.

The biggest influence on my softball journey is?  

Greg Brown and the entire Glen Waverley club. Mr Brown has had unwavering support for me over many years, providing an immense amount of batting tips, life advice and bad jokes.

What’s most exciting about playing Peta Edebone Cup softball?

Playing in a fast-paced and high intensity game. I enjoy the mentality that Coach Corey brings to games – in terms of intensity and passion.

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