Permitting to Melbourne Softball Association’s Winter Fastpitch Competition

Permitting to Melbourne Softball Association’s Winter Fastpitch Competition

Victorian softball Associations and Clubs,

RE: Permitting to Melbourne Softball Association for 2021 Winter Fastpitch Competition

This letter is to notify all affiliate associations of the permit or clearance process required to enable any of your members to participate in Melbourne Softball Association’s (MSA) Winter Fastpitch (Metro League) competition.

It is expected that some of your members may be seeking to participate in MSA’s Metro League for the 2021 Season.

In previous recent seasons as MSA was not affiliated with Softball Victoria, your members have been able to register with Melbourne without the need for a permit. Now for this season and onwards any member of an affiliate association must obtain a permit from their home association prior to participating.

Since MSA already use the membership management system, Revolutionise Sport and Softball Victoria and all other clubs and associations are still yet to change from Sports TG to Revolutionise Sport, for the time being, a manual process has been set up to administer permits and clearances where MSA are involved.

The simple process is as follows;

  • Your member notifies your Association registrar, via email for the request to permit to MSA.
  • Your Association will then email MSA Competition Manager permitting the member(s) to participate in the upcoming MSA Winter Fastpitch competition.
  • The permit shall be accepted by MSA, via a return email to your Association registrar, and a copy sent to SV
  • A google sheet will be created by Softball Victoria listing your members on permit to MSA.
  • This sheet will be shared with the relevant associations.

Please do not hesitate to contact Tim on 0479 104 403 should you require any further information.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Hatzi

Regional Development Coordinator, Softball Victoria

Furthermore, any new participants wishing to play in Melbourne Softball Association’s Metro League, Come and Try day’s will be held on 11th April and 18th April.

Click on the link below to register: