Lifelong volunteers and top Victorian talent recognised at State Dinner

Lifelong volunteers and top Victorian talent recognised at State Dinner

Life Membership, Merle Short Service and State Team Awards were among the top honours bestowed upon members of the Victorian softball community at the 2018 Softball Victoria State Dinner on Saturday night.

Held at Freccia Azzura in Braeside, the State Dinner highlighted the contributions of volunteers to the Victorian softball community and recognised those who had achieved success on a State, National and International level.

Kerrie Maddern and Mary Walkinshaw were recognised for their outstanding service to the Victorian Softball Community with Softball Victoria Life Membership.

Both Kerrie and Mary have been involved in the sport for many years, taking on a range of roles including umpiring, playing and administration, demonstrating their dedication to the sport and the broader softball community. Most notably, both life members have been key to the development of scorers in Victoria. Kerrie played an integral role in the development of the Victorian Scoring Committee, while Mary has given up significant amounts of her own time to develop and grow the level of scorers in Victoria.

Sunshine Association’s Lynda Otimi and Jodie Lightowler and Waverley Association’s Allison Pendlebury and Angela Forgan were recognised for their valuable contributions to the softball community with the Merle Short Service Award.

Jim Giles of Dandenong Association was awarded the Lorraine Davies Statistician of the Year, marking his significant achievements over the past season.

The Margo Koskelainen Victorian Umpire of the Year was awarded to Richard Dodds for his success on the national and international stage as an umpire.

The Softball Victoria State Team Award Winners were also presented on the night, alongside a host of Umpires, Statisticians and Athletes who were recognised for their achievements in gaining national representation.

The full list of winners on the night is available below. Head over to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page to check out all the action from the night.

Award Recipients

Softball Victoria Life Member Recipients

Kerrie Maddern and Mary Walkinshaw

Softball Victoria Merle Short Service Award

Lynda Otimi (Sunshine Association)

Jodie Lightowler (Sunshine Association)

Allison Pendlebury (Waverley Association)

Angela Forgan (Waverley Association)


Statisticians Awards

Lorraine Davies Statisticians of the Year

Jim Giles (Dandenong Association)

Rising Star Statistician of the Year

Jacqui Glassey (GEMSA) and Paul Little (Casey Association)


Umpires Awards

John Larter Umpire Development Award

Saxon Bailey

Marj Dwyer Memorial Scholarship Award

Les Morrison

Margo Koskelainen Victorian Umpire of the Year

Richard Dodds


State Teams Award Winners

U15 Girls Taimania Graham Brodie Hendy
Chelsea Kimber
U17 Girls Grace Peters Lara Horman
Elise Cramer
U19 Women Marlie Hurinui Amelia Mercuri
Georgia O’Donovan
U23 Women Katherine Laemmle Rebecca Schafer
Open Women Sarah Tutchener Ilsa Anstey
U15 Boys Ben Merrigan Jake Wallis
U17 Boys Tamua Feulufai-Maxwell Tynan Purtell
U19 Men Shay Crean Sam Reale
Open Men Lewis Weldon Alex Chapman


National Representatives – Statisticians

Open Women Open Men

Jim Giles – Official Statisician

Allison Pendlebury – Official Statistician

Mary Walkinshaw – Official Statistician

Kerryn Bell – Official Statistician


National Representatives – Umpires

National Open Women National Open Men National U19 Women & Men

Debbie Grove – Assessor

Richard Dodds – Umpire

Leigh Evans – Assessor

Jason Carter – Assessor

Richard Barrow – Umpire

Debbie Grove –Umpire

Trevor Murphy – Umpire

Chris Trengove – Umpire


Leigh Evans – TCU

Trevor Murphy – Assessor

David Addlem – Umpire

Chris Trengove – Umpire


National U17 Boys & Girls Regional U15 Boys National U23 & Friendship Series

Richard Barrow – Assessor

David Addlem – Umpire

Lucy James – Umpire

Talia McDonald – Umpire


Peter Samuels – Umpire (Boys)

Lucy James – Umpire (Girls)

Talia McDonald – Umpire (Girls)


Richard Barrow – Assessor

David Addlem – Umpire



Victorian Members on National Teams

2018 Aussie Steelers – Open Men’s Squad 2018 Junior Steelers

Ryan Sinclair

Lewis Weldon


Jim Giles (Statistician)
2018 Aussie U17 Boys Squad Aussie Spirit – North America Tour July 2017

Marcus Ferraro

Tristan Little

Jordan Miller

Samuel Seach

Cambell Utatao


Jess Bahn

Jackie Di Siervi

Aussie Spirit – Japan Cup August 2017 All Star Team – 2018 Asia Pacific Cup February 2018
Jackie Di Siervi

Jess Bahn

Jackie Di Siervi


Friendship Series U19 Squad 2018

Grace Peters    Marlie Hurinui



School Sport Victoria Sporting Blues Award Winners

Hannah Scott (Northern District Association)

Montana Chavasse (Casey Association)