Kris Kiefel: Softball Victoria Hall Of Fame Inductee

Kris Kiefel: Softball Victoria Hall Of Fame Inductee

Congratulations to the next inductee into the 2019 Softball Victoria Hall of Fame – Kris Kiefel.

Kris Kiefel has had an outstanding career, representing Victoria and Australia for over 20-years. During this time he has accumulated numerous pitching awards, MVP awards and has had an outstanding influence on the game of softball.

Kris started his career at the Werribee Softball Association for the Glen Devon Softball Club at the age of 8. As a young softballer Kris came to the attention of State selectors in 1991, being selected in the U16 Boys Victorian team. In 1995 Kris made his debut in the Victorian Open Men’s team, in a senior career that spanned 15-years.

At state level Kris’ leadership helped shape the Victorian team into one that was dominant and feared in the late 90s and early 2000s. Through this period the Victorian Open Men’s team played in many consecutive finals, winning the John Reid Shield four times as National Champions. 

Kris was one of the pioneers for softball in this country, he was one of the first players to travel overseas and play at the highest level in America, Canada and later in Japan.

As he built his experience both nationally and internationally, he brought this knowledge back to Australia through his coaching and mentoring of younger athletes. This vital role of coaching and mentoring continues to this day, through his involvement in club softball and the Victorian Men’s State League competition.

Kris’ influence on the game reaches far beyond his personal achievements. He will be remembered as the guy who dominated on the mound and the ultimate competitor.

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