Hume City Softball Association affiliates with Softball Victoria

Hume City Softball Association affiliates with Softball Victoria

Softball Victoria (SV) is pleased to announce newly formed Hume City Softball Association (HCSA) as an affiliate.

As a newly formed association in one of the largest growth areas in Victoria, SV welcomes HCSA, its clubs, and members to the family.

Softball Victoria CEO Nick Frayne embraced the addition of HCSA.

“We are excited to welcome another member association to our affiliates in the form of Hume City Softball Association.” Frayne said.

“Craigieburn and the surrounding suburbs are growing rapidly, and represent an amazing opportunity for the sport to access new participants.” He added.

HCSA will be located at a brand-new softball facility currently being built in the City of Hume, Aitken Hill, Craigieburn.

The development of the Aitken Hill Recreation Reserve is a $7.2 million partnership project between Hume City Council, Victorian Government and developer Stockland.

The Victorian Government Growing Suburbs Fund has contributed $1.5 million and Hume City Council has provided $5 million towards this project with Stockland contributing $700,000, of land and earthworks.

Mayor of Hume City, Councillor Joseph Haweil spoke about the development’s benefits for softball, and the positive impact it will provide for the local Hume community.

“It is exciting that the Aitken Hill Recreation Reserve will be the first in Craigieburn to contain dedicated softball fields.” Mr Haweil said.

“Providing the Hume City Softball Association and Craigieburn Softball Club with facilities to call their own will help the sport, association and club grow and support the development of young softballers in our community and beyond.”

“Supporting our residents to be active, healthy and connected is a goal of Council. One of the ways we hope to do this is by providing access to great sporting facilities.”

“Great facilities help increase the visibility of sport in our community and encourage local participation. For budding softballers, Aitken Hill Recreation Reserve will mean more opportunities to play their sport locally.”

“The growth of softball, like the growth of any community sport, will have a positive impact on our community.” Mr Haweil added.

The Craigieburn Eagles Softball Club – who formed four years ago, will make the Aitken Hill Recreation Reserve their new home and affiliate with the HCSA.

HCSA president James Sweeney spoke about the sport’s growth opportunities following this announcement.

“We are delighted to be aligning with Softball Victoria and its member associations in what’s an enormous opportunity for our newly established association,” Sweeney said.

“The HCSA will aim to provide a diverse and inclusive sporting and social environment for the benefit of our members and the wider community.”

“In doing so, our new association will promote healthy, safe and sustainable living practices and programs to improve the overall health of the community.” Sweeney added.

The new reserve is expected to be opened in January 2022.

For more information please contact Nick Frayne on – or James Sweeney on