Grand Final Preview: Cougars

Grand Final Preview: Cougars

After losing last month’s Skins Grand Final, the Cougars are prepared to claim the Men’s Fastpitch title this Thursday against the Metrans.

By Giacomo Bruno

After cruising to a five-run semi-final victory over Southern Knights last week, the Cougars are set to continue that winning form this Thursday.

Both sides have played each other several times this year, but Cougars player George Psimaris says that the Grand Final is the first time that both teams will meet at full strength.

“The interesting part is that whenever we’ve played, no-one has been at full strength. Thursday, we have both teams at full strength going head-to-head and it can go anyway,” Psimaris told SV Media.

The Cougars have been a contender this season and Psimaris said it was a team effort that got them to the season decider.

The well-rounded squad is influenced by former Aussie Steeler Lewis Weldon, who’s been a vital part of the team, both on and off the field.

“The reason we’ve been so successful this season comes down to the spread of contributors.”

“We’ve had anyone from myself, Lewis [Weldon], Joel Hughes, Pat Brackley who have played a lot and a spread of first and second-year guys who played their roles perfectly.”

“Lewis is phenomenal. Even when he’s not on the field, his leadership to the younger players on the team, his know-how and his knowledge is great,” said Psimaris.

“The little things he’s helped me with such as putting together the team and helping make changes [was important].

“Also, he has such a powerful arm and is a fantastic bat,” Psimaris added.

The Cougars will take on the Metrans at 8pm this Thursday, 1st April at Knox.

Having lost to the side in the Skins Grand Final by a single run, the Cougars will be looking to make amends in the ultimate fashion.

Image: Change of Focus Photography