Federal Budget includes ongoing commitment to Sporting Schools program

Federal Budget includes ongoing commitment to Sporting Schools program

The Australian Government’s Sporting Schools program is the big winner in the sports sector of the Federal Budget (October 2020), with a further $39.6 million committed for an additional year of funding. 

Sporting Schools programs are provided free to children and families to help students build the confidence and skills to be active for life.

Softball Victoria (SV) are one of the leading deliverers of softball programs in Australia, and aim to continue to connect students that are participating in the Sporting Schools programs with grassroots clubs and associations. 

Having already visited many schools to ensure that every session is valuable, structured, and enjoyable for the students, SV utilises up-skilled softball coaches, whilst providing progressive session plans that focus on fun and enjoyment from the Softball Batter Up activities.

SA Hall of Famer, Brooke Wilkins at SSP in Hailebury

SV’s dedicated network of coaches have elevated the profile of softball within the Victorian primary school system and will look to expand this network in 2021 and beyond. 

The hourly rates are up to $60.00 per hour (45 – 60 mins), depending on skill, experience and level of accreditation. 

This has been an attractive option for players whilst studying, parents with young children that can work during school hours, and any other enthusiastic softballers.

Isabel Zaharias, one of the Victorian U16 Girls Specialist coaches has shared her Sporting Schools experience whilst finishing her degree:

“As a busy university student I absolutely loved the flexibility of working with Sporting Schools Victoria.” Zaharias said.

“I completed a number of clinics over the years and was able to select which clinics to attend based on my ever-changing study load and timetable, something that is so difficult to do with a regular part-time job.

“Not only was I able to adapt my work schedule to fit in with my studies, I was able to receive excellent remuneration for work that didn’t even feel like work.

“I found real joy in travelling to all parts of the state to deliver these clinics to all sorts of primary schools, and each clinic was so much fun. Once I had gotten the hang of delivering the sessions, I enjoyed participating in the skills, drills and games just as much as the kids.

Zaharias at January’s National Championships

In addition to the flexibility the role provided for Zaharias, she was also able to further develop her skills as a coach and mentor, which lead her to becoming a respected Assistant Coach of Victoria’s U16 Girls team.

“These clinics provided me with countless opportunities to practice my communication skills and hone my ability to work with a wide age range (Prep to Year 6), something that is extremely valuable to a coach’s CV.” Zaharias added.

“Having gone on to become the Assistant Coach of the Victorian U16 Girls team, I realised this program allowed me to constantly develop my skills as an all-round mentor.

“I encourage all up and coming coaches to participate in these clinics, you won’t regret it!

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