Day 3 WRAP – National Softball Championships

Day 3 WRAP – National Softball Championships

Check out what has happened on day three at the Open Women’s National Championships.

Open Women – Game 1: Victoria 2 – ACT 4

The first innings for ACT saw them register four runs which ended up being their total score as the Titans held them scoreless for the remainder of the game.  

Unfortunately after Jess Bahn scored one run in the first innings the Titans failed to score again until Marina Walker came home in the seventh innings.  

The Titans had four safe hits for the game – Bahn, Victoria Kulyk, Sarah Tutchener and Walker.  

Open Women – Game 2: Victoria 1 –NSW 5

The Titans second encounter with NSW resulted in a better result, only going down by four runs.

The Titans had two safe hits for the game whilst NSW were contained to only five runs with eight hits due to solid defensive work in the field.

We will need to come out firing tomorrow when we take on the ACT and South Australia, and if they follow through with the commitment shown in the NSW game it will put them in good stead.

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U17 Boys – Game 1: Victoria 8 – Western Australia 11

Our first game of the day was another high scoring affair and a game that went for nearly two and a half hours against WA during the afternoon. 

It is becoming apparent that it doesn’t matter how many runs you have – it is never enough at Nationals. 

Victoria was on the scoreboard early with a cracking home run from Liam Bonner over the centerfield fence. 

Victoria again displayed great team batting, but some errors in the field were costly.

U17 Boys – Game 2: Victoria 0 – NSW 9

NSW definitely brought its A-game to the park this afternoon after the Vic’s gave them a scare in game one. 

A strong batting performance from NSW including a number of home runs allowed them to run away with the game. 

In their desperate attempt to catch two of the home runs, two of the Victorian outfielders came off worse for wear after hitting the fence head on resulting in them both taking a trip to the Medical tent.

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Under 15 Girls – Game 1: Victoria 7 – NSW Green 2

It was an outstanding performance by the Victorian under 15 girls who definitely came in ready to play with positive attitudes and the will to win. 

Outstanding pitching from Kiara Rhind-Luke with Angelina Kichokov closing the game and a sensational batting innings got a great jump. 

Kiara Rhind-Luke pitched well and was strong with the bat while Kasey Smith worked well behind the plate. 

Under 15 Girls – Game 2: Victoria 2 – ACT 7

A night game for the girls. The girls just could not fire up their bats at this night game against the ACT.

Holly Reynolds started the pitching and was supported by Karri Pritchard. Some excellent pitching from ACT, showed the girls just could not string together a couple of hits. 

Victoria made lots of changes to try to get a better result.

Kasey Smith hit a great home run – hitting the ball over right-fields head. And she also got a two-base hit.

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