Day 1 WRAP – National Champs

Day 1 WRAP – National Champs

Check out what has happened on the opening day at the Open Women’s,  U17 Boy’s and U15 Girl’s National Championships.

Open Women – Game 1: Victoria 1 – South Australia 2

Victoria scored its’ solitary run of the game in the first innings and struggled with the bat after that. 

The Vics were solid in defence and held the SA team to one run until the tie-breaker innings. 

The first SA run came from an over the fence home run and they scored the winning run in the 8th innings off a wild pitch.

Brianna Trim was the best with the bat having some lengthy battles in the box and making solid contact while Jackie Di Servi was strong in the field with great ground coverage that resulted in a few tag outs at second base.

It was a very tight game with a tie-breaker being a fitting end to a hard fought match.

Open Women – Game 2: Victoria 1 – New South Wales 15

Victoria couldn’t defend against the awesome hitting power of the NSW team. 

The outfielders were kept busy for the entire game with NSW registering 14 safe hits while Victoria could only register three hits.

Safe hits to Sarah Tutchener Marina Walker and Bree Dawson were the highlights and we got to witness an awesome diving stop by Brianna Trim at third base who then regained her feet to throw out the runner at first.

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U17 Boys – Game 1: Victoria 3 – Queensland 4

It was a great start to the tournament with a very close game against NSW.

It came down to a tiebreaker to break the deadlock with NSW just pipping us at the post. 

Highlights include awesome batting from Miles Harding and good pitching from Tynan Purtell and Ethan Lewis who held NSW to only four runs for the game.

U17 Boys – Game 1: Victoria 3 – Queensland 12

Strong batting from Queensland saw them get off to a flying start from which Victoria struggled to come back. 

Victoria was able to score a few runs late in the game and used three pitchers in this game to combat the Queensland hitters, however, a few errors in the field were costly. 

Liam Bonner and Jaxon Holliday both batted well.

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U15 Girls – Game 1: Victoria 3 – Queensland Flames 11

We had lots of nervous and excited energy on display which gave Queensland a jump early.  

Some exceptional pitching by Kiara Rhind-Luke showed her natural left hand talent with Holly Reynolds closing the game. 

Victorian fielders showed some real flare in the field with a couple of dynamic plays such as a big hit to deep centre field and players relaying together with Kaiyan Kopeke-Pereira to Hannah Scott and Kasey Smith tagging the hitter for an out at home plate. 

The match saw a triple base hit by Arielle Lee and strong batting by Angelina Kichakov.

U15 Girls – Game 2: Victoria 2 – Queensland Fire 3

Angelina Kichakov started the pitching with a great start with Karri Pritchard closing the game with both pitchers threw three innings. 

Victoria got some runs early but fail to capitalise leaving runners on base in each innings. 

The highlight included strong fielding with a sensational double play as Tahila Sweeney tagged the runner at third before throwing to Rachel Miller at second  to get another runner sliding in. 

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U17 Girls – Game 1: Victoria 2 – New South Wales 3

It was a strong start by our girls, with impressive pitching and defensive plays throughout the first number of innings, which allowed a one-run lead for most of the game. 

The fourth innings saw NSW change pitcher and Vic needed to adjust. 

By the sixth inning NSW had changed the pitcher again and Vic missed out on scoring once again. 

NSW took advantage at bat and scored a run and by the seventh innings it was one all,  so the tie breaker commenced. 

A Vic player stole to third and would score from a fantastic piece over short stop into the outfield but were unlucky not to score any additional runs after this with two players left on bases. 

NSW would score their tie breaker runner in an over throw to one after a bunt, this player made it to secondnd and after a line drive to third the additional run was scored to seal the game NSW way.

Ariana in her starting role as Pitcher for U17s pitched some great balls while the outfield tracked the fly balls very well to end up with some fabulous catches.  All team members full filled their roles today with some exciting plays.

U17 Girls – Game 2: Victoria 3 – SA 1

A strong start by Victoria saw a run scored in the first innings. Bridie Murphy, our Draft Player from NSW started out magnificently.

We scored additional runs in the sixth innings with some great work with the bat and running aggressively around the bases.

SA scored in the sixth after a few aggressive bunts which saw runners take the bases. A hit into into the outfield saw them finally score a run.

Top Vic pitching once again saw them out and Vic took to the bat for the final innings, but unfortunately could not make it with the bat.

With SA batting for their final time looking to score, the Vic pitcher and catcher combo made short work of their time in the box.

Murphy registered 16 strike outs while Keziah Pauli (our catcher) caught well for the entire game and worked well with the bat to advance runners when required.