Events Committee


The purpose of the Events Committee is to oversee the operational planning and delivery of all Softball Victoria competitions and reports directly to the Softball Victoria EO.

The Events Committee comprises of:

Chairperson:  Angela Broadbent

General member: Kerry Franklin

General member (Communications): Val Baxter

General member (Registrations): Amanda Baker

General member:  Grant Rice


The committee can be contacted at

U12 Spectacular Working  Group

Chairperson:  Jo Ingram

General member: Lynne Willmott

General member: Cathy Ferraro

The U12 Working Group is always interested to hear suggestions on how to grow the U12 Spectacular.  Suggestions can be emailed to

Pick Up Player Working  Group

General member: Cheryl Waye

General member: Lynne Willmott

General member: Debbie Green

General member: Tarryn Richardson

The Pick Up Player Working Group can be contacted via

For more specific information regarding particular events you can go to the following pages on our website:

State Championships

U12 Spectacular