Active Families – Softball and Physical Activity





Softball Victoria, in partnership with VicHealth and Bluearth Foundation have developed a dedicated program designed to engage playgroups across Victoria in active recreation, with a focus on providing typically inactive organised groups with opportunities to participate in structured physical activity.

Playgroups are an ideal environment to introduce parents, children and carers to the importance of regular physical activity and the role that the family unit can play in setting up an a sustainable active lifestyle for children.

Two-thirds of children don’t meet the minimum daily physical activity requirements, and children of inactive parents are almost three times more likely not to meet the same requirements. New mothers in particular represent a major portion of inactive parents, and have significant influence over their child’s activity habits. There are no opportunities for playgroup families to be active together, or for parents to build confidence in active recreation whilst developing sport specific skills.

Softball is the perfect sport to facilitate activity within the playgroup environment, introducing hand eye coordination skills, promoting team work and general fine motor skills. 

This project is not just about active delivery. It is about changing the mindsets of parents and carers that physical activity is a valuable use of time within playgroups. Softball Victoria, VicHealth and Bluearth Foundations are committed to influencing parents, carers and children to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle by introducing them to structured sessions. It is envisaged that over time this change in attitude will help with transitioning children in to community sports like softball.