Scorers’ Accreditation


Benefits of Becoming An Accredited Scorer

There are many benefits to becoming an accredited scorer including that it:

  • Gives credibility to the role of scoring and makes it more than a “hobby”

  • Provides a defined pathway for improvement

  • Offers an opportunity to become registered and accredited under the NOAS scheme

  • Encourages professional standards

  • Enables Softball Australia to claim scorers for grant funding based on genuine participation

  • Presents opportunities for tournament selection and travel at state, national and international levels

  • Provides a sense of personal achievement

  • Social benefits, friendships.

National Officiating Accreditation Scheme

Accreditation program resources and information under the National Officiating Accreditation Scheme is sequential as follows:

  • Level 1: currently 973 members accredited

  • Level 2: currently 89 members accredited

  • Level 3: currently 197 members accredited

  • Level 4: currently 115 members accredited

  • National recognition: currently 6 members

  • International recognition: currently 7 members.


If you are scoring local competition, then you will be probably automatically being registered as an official. Once you gain confidence in this role, you may want to become a part of the official scoring accreditation program.

To find out information on the accreditation programs conducted in your state, please contact your State Director for more information: