Take a trip down memory lane with the History of Softball in Victoria website

Take a trip down memory lane with the History of Softball in Victoria website

Have you had a chance to look at the History of Softball in Victoria website yet? 

If you haven’t, you best get your history fix and take a trip down memory lane as this wonderful project delves deep into the archives of Victorian Softball.

The History of Softball in Victoria project began in 2015 when a group of dedicated group of volunteers headed by Angela Broadbent assembled together to form the History Project Working Group. Softball Victoria has a rich history which dates back to 1942 and along the way has involved many players and members from many different walks of life, making the project an extensive process to pull together.

According to Angela however, “what started as an interest has developed into a passion”, and the many hours poured into the project from her end have been well worth the effort.

“The History Project Working Group has been active since 2015 and I’ve been lucky have the opportunity to work with some dedicated volunteers, such as SV Life Members Elaine Duyvestyn and Margo Koskelainen OAM, and former player Julianne Hoskin,” Angela said.

“Their knowledge and insight has been invaluable and their contribution has been a huge asset to the project.

“Everyone that I have spoken to has been so willing to sit down and talk to me about their time in the sport, share their photos and memorabilia and answer my questions.”

Already, the History of Softball in Victoria project has garnered significant interest from across the Victorian Softball community, with the #FlashbackFriday series posted on Softball Victoria’s various social media accounts in late 2017 proving to be immensely popular.

In Angela’s view, the most rewarding aspect of the project has been the opportunity to meet icons of the the sport, with Norma Allsopp, Josephine Loton and Peta Edebone among those to play a part in the website’s formation.

“What I enjoy most about softball is the people,” Angela said.

“There are so many amazing people within our sport and I’ve been lucky to meet a lot of them and hear their stories.

“I am hoping that as we continue to develop the website the current softball community will better understand the proud history of Victorian Softball.”

To view the the History of Softball in Victoria website, click here.

If you would like to contribute any material, please email the project at angela@softballvic.org.au. The History Project Working Group has been gladly accepting any digital or hard copy donations and rely on the assistance of members to ensure that the project is as expansive as possible.

Image above: Representatives from the 1982 Victorian Senior Softball Team.