Softball Victoria Under 13 Development teams to compete in Adelaide

Softball Victoria Under 13 Development teams to compete in Adelaide

Softball Victoria is excited to announce that four teams (two girls, two boys) from the Under 13 Development program will be competing at the annual Labour Day tournament in Adelaide from 29 September to 2 October.

Congratulations to the following athletes on being selected to compete and for your hard work during the trials and training:



Bonnie Bailey                     KPSA

Rylie Bento-Reeves         Sunbury

Olivia Burgio                       Sunbury

Zoe Carter                           Casey

Isabella Currie                   Waverley

Tamsyn Fairweather       Waverley

Violet Greene                    Sunbury

Lillia Greene                      Sunbury

Ava Harrison                       Casey

Taliah Kelly                         Sunbury

Olivia Kruger                      Waverley

Arielle Lee                           Waverley

Edwina Little                      Casey

Brooklyn Maloney           Casey

Keira McLaverty               Casey

Tahuna Rhind-Luke         Casey

Kiara Rhind-Luke              Casey

Hannah Richardson         Dandenong

Dixie Rinaldi                        Dandenong

Georgia Sands                  

Hannah Scott                     NDSA

Rachel Steendam             Casey

Tahlia Sweeney                KPSA

Bridget Zwart                     Waverley

Ethan A Ainslie                   Sunshine

Markus Ainslie                   Sunshine

Saxon Bailey                       Keilor

Jordan Baker                      NDSA

Matthew Bedwell            Sunbury

Dylan Bonner                     Dandenong

Callum Dickie                     Sunbury

Zach Dunkley                     Waverley

Nathan Duvall                    Sunbury

Dallas Greene                   Sunshine

Lucas H Hill                          Casey

Alex Lowrie                         KDSA

Cameron McCutcheon   GEMSA

Deakin Mitchell                 Casey

Logan O’Brien                    NDSA

Joshua Opasinov              NDSA

Hunter Richardson           Dandenong

Ethan S Scott                      NDSA

Liam Scott                           GEMSA

Luke Steendam                 Casey

Lucas T Tucker                   Waverley

Tyler Whorlow-Kenny    Sunbury

Damon Little                      NDSA

Ben D’Cruz                          GEMSA

Our thanks to Tony Black and Belinda Ainslie who have been the driving force behind the Development program this year, and the other officials and parents who have volunteered to get involved and support our group of athletes in their development. 

More information on the tournament can be found of the Softball SA website –