Softball Victoria supports the ‘Change Our Game’ initiative

Softball Victoria supports the ‘Change Our Game’ initiative

In December 2015, the Victorian Government released a report from the Inquiry into Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation (the independent inquiry) that shed light on the gender inequality in Victorian sport and recreation. 

The independent inquiry presented nine recommendations to increase female leadership and participation: 

1) Drive commitment through an Ambassadors of Change program 

2) Engage and empower by connecting Ambassadors to women and girls 

3) Mandate gender balance and good governance principles 

4) Reform recruitment practices and processes for leadership positions 

5) Enhance participation choice and improve how opportunities are marketed 

6) Deliver female-friendly built environments and equitable facility usage policies 

7) Build an enabling environment through education and training 

8) Showcase the pathways and opportunities through role models 

9) Increase the profile of women in sports media. 

The Victorian Government is committed to implementing all nine recommendations to improve equality in sport and active recreation.  The sport and recreation sector, state and local governments and other partners across Victoria are now working together to bring about change.  Having strong partners is key.  ‘Change our Game’ is a rally cry to ignite an undeniable desire amongst women and men who want to see their sport and recreation activities prosper into the future. 

Sport and Recreation Victoria has created a number of key tools for individuals, teams and organisations to help ‘Change our Game’.  Softball Victoria encourages clubs and associations to use these in your social media feeds and other publications to drive this fantastic initiative even further.  The brand toolkit can be downloaded from