Softball Victoria Strategic Plan 2018-22

Softball Victoria Strategic Plan 2018-22

We want your feedback!

The Softball Victoria Board and Staff have been busy over the past 9 months developing the new Strategic Plan for softball in Victoria that will guide us through the next 4 years. The development of the plan has been based on the feedback from you, our participants, our supporters, our players, our volunteers, coaches, umpires and everyone else that is engaged in and loves the sport of softball!

The below are the different ways that we received feedback from our community that we implemented in to the plan:

  • Member Association workshop on Saturday 18th August 2018
  • Board member meetings with each Member Association
  • Feedback sessions during selected competitions in March and April 2018
  • Online member survey with over 100 detailed responses
  • Direct emails to the CEO
  • Phone conversations with the CEO

Following the recent workshop held with all 13 Member Associations at Waverley Softball Association on the 18th August, we are now able to provide you with the final draft of the plan for you to review and provide commentary on to complete the process. Please provide your comments via email to Softball Victoria CEO Nick Frayne at

To view the final draft click on the link below:

Softball Victoria Strategic Plan 2018 to 22 FINAL DRAFT

For further information please contact Softball Victoria CEO Nick Frayne on 0407 398 081