Softball Victoria Scoring Committee Update – July 2017

Softball Victoria Scoring Committee Update – July 2017

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Booking Scorers Courses

Get in early to book your scorers courses for the upcoming season! Any preparations for bookings can be made by contacting the


Level 3 Scorers Course – Burwood

Softball Victoria would like to advise members that a Level 3 Scorers Course will be held at Burwood on Saturday August 19.

The course will run from 9:30am to 4:30pm, with participants advised to bring their own lunch and pens.

The cost to complete the course is $50 per person.

To register for the Level 3 Scorers Course at Burwood, click here.

If you require further information, contact Kerrie Laverick at


Level 1 Accreditation

An opportunity exists for those who have some knowledge of scoring softball and would like to obtain their level 1 accreditation prior to the start of the next summer season to do the course via electronic means.

Contact Mary Walkinshaw via to find out more.



Congratulations to Paul Little (Casey), Jackie Campbell (Waverley) and Karen Wallace (Sunbury) who recently obtained their NOAS Level 2  Scoring Accreditation.


What’s Your Decision?

How do you score the batter being hit by a batted ball (they were out of the batters box at the time) on iScore?  

Answer – Select HIT BY BALL.

How and who do I allocate the out to?  

Answer – iScore does it automatically to the nearest fielder (in this case the catcher). 

If you have a curly one, send it in to

Softball Victoria Scoring Committee Contact:

Mary Walkinshaw

0403 231 914