Softball Victoria Scoring Committee Update – August 2017

Softball Victoria Scoring Committee Update – August 2017

Check out all the news and information for this month from the Softball Victoria Scoring Committee:

Scorers Courses

A course in scoring using electronic methods is planned for mid October.  Please register your interest for this or any other courses via

Level 1 Accreditation

An opportunity exists for those who have some knowledge of scoring softball and would like to obtain their level 1 accreditation prior to the start of the next summer season to do the course via electronic means.

Contact Mary Walkinshaw via to find out more.


Congratulations to Cassandra Jones (Albury/Wodonga), Debra Round (Waverley), Laura Bailey (Keilor Park), Michelle Wood and Natasha Di Vito (Sunbury) who recently obtained their NOAS Level 2  Scoring Accreditation.

Handy Hints – Changes

Try to leave some space on the left hand side and right hand side of players names.  WHY?  You can then use this space to record ‘the time’ of any changes (use the RHS if it’s a batting change, use the LHS for fielding changes).

If a change happens at the start of an innings, save some ‘real estate’ and just record T# or B#.  

If the change happens during the innings then you will need to add the batter number that this has occurred at, that is if it was batter 5 (NOTE: this is NOT the fifth batter of the inning) use T#/5 or B#/5

‘What’s Your Decision?’ 

The runner is called out for an infringement of the 8′ circle rule.  What is the symbol and who gets the put out?

Answer – LB#.  The number should be the closest fielder, i.e. 3, 4 or 5.

The play is 3 – E4 what color should the line be on the batting chart (a requirement for level 4 statisticians)?

Answer – No reference in the level 4 manual so … Jim Giles prefers black, Mary Walkinshaw prefers red.

If you have a curly one, send it in to 

Softball Victoria Scoring Committee Contact:

Mary Walkinshaw

0403 231 914