Softball Victoria Launches ‘Change Our Game’ Volunteers Program

Softball Victoria Launches ‘Change Our Game’ Volunteers Program

Softball Victoria (SV) are excited to launch the first ever Victorian Softball Volunteer Training Program as part of the Victorian Government’s ‘Change Our Game’ Workforce Development Program.

Associations and Clubs are the lifeblood of Victorian softball and whilst we recognise the amazing contribution that our volunteers continue to deliver each and every year, in many cases too much is left to too few.

Often there are many people willing to help but don’t feel comfortable to put their hand up without knowing exactly what they will be doing! SV’s Victorian Softball Volunteer Training Program will remedy many of these barriers.

As part of this program, SV have been funded to deliver some exciting initiatives that promise to increase the skills of volunteers within Victorian Associations and Clubs.

By providing advice and expertise to implement an improved structure and culture, SV aims to encourage more volunteers, specifically female volunteers, to put their hand up for positions within our association and club network.

SV’s Chief Executive Officer Nick Frayne spoke proudly on the initiative,

“This program will provide our existing association and club administrators with the opportunity to receive guidance from Softball Victoria and other industry experts on the best way forward to improve and grow from the base up.”

“It is vital that our associations and clubs are welcoming and inclusive environments that encourage all females to become involved at all levels.”

“This program represents transformation for Victorian softball, where we will strive to grow the number of female volunteers within our association and club networks, and in turn begin to once again increase our membership base,” Frayne said.

The initial stage of the program invites associations and clubs to engage in a workshop delivered by grassroots sport experts ‘Sports Community’.

The workshops are designed to enable you to foster a culture of volunteering in your organisation and demonstrate how to best recruit and retain passionate volunteers. With a focus on increasing the number of female volunteers within all softball organisations.

Workshops will explore the importance of goal setting in softball associations and teach you very simple, but highly effective goal setting processes and ways to introduce succession planning.

Sports Community Managing Director Steve Pallas is extremely excited to deliver the workshops.

“We are really looking forward to working with Softball Victoria, its associations, clubs and volunteers,” Pallas said.

“Throughout our Club Development Program we will work collaboratively, all with the goal of making it as easy as possible for volunteers and club leaders to successfully run their establishment, achieve their goals and at the same time have a lot of fun!”

In addition, all member associations and clubs will receive ongoing access to the online resources and templates via the Sports Community website that will assist you in implementing the actions that arise from this process.

To find out more, please email SV CEO Nick Frayne, visit Change Our Game and Sports Community‘s website.