Softball Victoria celebrates its newest Life Members

Softball Victoria celebrates its newest Life Members

Softball Victoria joins the wider Victorian Softball community in congratulating Kerrie Maddern and Mary Walkinshaw on receiving Life Membership of the organisation.

Both Kerrie and Mary were ratified for the honour at Softball Victoria’s 2017 Annual General Meeting held last month.

The induction of Kerrie Maddern (nee Besley) as a Life Member comes on the back of her long-standing contribution to the sport, which began with her time involved with the Springvale Softball Club in the Dandenong Softball Association.

Since then, Kerrie has gone on to have a significant impact at Club and Association level across a range of on and off-field endeavours, including umpiring, playing, coaching and administration.

As an illustration of her impact at the grassroots level, Kerrie has been made a Life Member of both the Springvale and Glen Waverley Softball Clubs, as well as the Dandenong Softball Association.

Kerrie was integral in the establishment of the Victorian Scoring Committee. Her involvement spanned 10 years, over which time she was the Director of Scoring for five of those years. As such, she played the role of mentor and teacher to many of Victoria’s statisticians.

Her significant involvement in driving this Committee resulted in mentoring some outstanding Victorian statisticians; many of whom have gone on to be some of Australia’s finest in Australia’s best scoring pathway. Many have Kerrie to thank for their success and love of scoring, and her contribution to Scoring at National level was recognised in 2004 when she was inducted into the Softball Australia Hall of Fame.

Kerrie’s involvement with Softball Victoria commenced in 1980 in her role as Manager of the Open Women’s team, then as a State Statistician and Board Member.

Kerrie’s diversity of contribution is evident across the range of roles she has undertaken over more than 25 years of involvement with Softball Victoria. Her outstanding contribution in such a range of roles is testament to her enthusiasm for the game and her commitment to supporting all who are associated with Softball regardless of their area of endeavour.

Mary Walkinshaw’s long history of dedication to the sport of Softball in Victoria has been deservedly acknowledged with Softball Victoria Life Membership.

Mary first played softball in Melbourne Royal Park in Parkville for the YCW Association, before moving to Drouin in her profession as a teacher.

Mary’s time there saw her become a founding member of the Drouin South Softball Club, before expanding her involvement into administrative roles as Secretary and President of the West Gippsland Softball Association. Mary’s contribution to the Association was recognised with Life Membership during this time.

After returning to Melbourne, Waverley Softball Association became Mary’s home base in a Softball sense. Mary began what was to become an extensive involvement in scoring during her time involved with Waverley, with National Level accreditation in 1996 and Level 4 NOAS accreditation in May 2007 her crowning achievements in this space.

Mary has been a lecturer for all scoring levels since 1999; a span of 18 years when she has given up numerous Sundays and evenings for the benefit of all statisticians across Victoria.

Mary has always been willing to teach, train and mentor scorers at club and association level just as much as when she was doing the higher levels of open state or national tournaments.

Alongside this, Mary has taking on numerous playing, umpiring and general volunteer roles for much of the time she has been a statistician. Mary’s diversity in these roles have been apparent at many Masters and Waverley Easter Junior tournaments where she has regularly performed multiple jobs on the same day to make the event run smoothly.

On behalf of the Victorian Softball community, Softball Victoria thanks and congratulates both Kerrie and Mary for their outstanding contributions to the sport and their well-deserved Life Membership Awards.

Kerrie Maddern (nee Besley) Statement of Achievements

1980                      SV Open Women’s Team Manager

1986-7                  SV U16 Girls Statistician

1988-98               SV Scoring Committee

1988-94               SV Open Women’s Statistician

1988-89               SV Board member

1990-94               Appointed to the Australian Open Women’s team as Statistician attending two

World championships 1990 and 1994

1990-95               Softball Australia Director of Scoring

2002                     SV Open Men’s team Manager

2003-06              SV Open Women’s team Manager

2004                     Inducted into Softball Australia’s Hall of Fame

2008-11                SV U17 Girl’s Statistician

Mary Walkinshaw Statement of Achievements

Team statistician for Glen Waverley Softball Club since 1996, 21 years

Team statistician for Waverley Softball Association since 1998, 9 years

Team statistician for Victorian State Teams since 2000, 13 years

Team statistician for Australian National Teams since 2003, 7 years

Official Statistician at State Competitions since 1998, 12 years

Official Statistician for various National tournaments since 1996, 12 years

Official Statistician for various International tournaments since 2002, 3 years

Tournament Chief Statistician (TCS) at National Championships since 2002, 8 years

Computer Statistician at Sydney Olympic games in 2000

Head Statistician technical area at Men’s Commonwealth Championship at Melbourne in 2006

Committee member of the Victorian Softball Scoring Committee (Accreditation Officer) since 1998,

Committee member of the 19 years Victorian Tournament Committee – 7 years

Committee member of the National Scoring Committee 1995 – 2004 – 9 years.


Softball Australia Statistician of the Year 2012

Softball Victoria Statistician of the Year 2013