So you are on a committee – what’s next? 

So you are on a committee – what’s next? 

Most associations and clubs would have held their AGM by now or will be shortly, so what’s next?   

It is recommended that the new executive meet within one week of the AGM to become familiar with their Constitution and By Laws. These documents govern your organisation and are a great tool in becoming familiar with how your organisation should be run.

You may also want to modify the Constitution or By Laws as a result of challenges that were met the previous year to ensure they are up to date and relevant. To change the Constitution requires a Special General Meeting to be held with your members, however most By Laws can be changed at a committee meeting.  Your Constitution and By Laws would advise you of how to go about making changes.

We also recommend that during this meeting you get to know your fellow executive members. What are the reasons you joined the committee? What skill set can you bring to the committee?  What assistance would you require? Do you require training to be able to do your role? Is there a position description for the role that needs to be reviewed?    

A sample organisation chart is below that might be able to assist you with finding volunteers to help with additional roles. Advertising these positions and having clear guidelines on what is required helps volunteers understand what is required of them. Look at ways of advertising these positions or approach people that you think might be suitable candidates.

Softball Australia is running the Home Plate Ladder.  This is a recognition program for being the best association or club in the Nation. Some of the activities that earn you points towards this program is to complete the National Affiliation Standards and a Club Health Check. 

These checks are great ways to see how the organisation is placed and where you need to focus your attention for future growth.  You can find these documents by registering at or via the below links:

If you require assistance to complete any of the above do not hesitate to contact Softball Victoria’s Association Coordinator, Kerrie Laverick, on 0432 239 380 or at