Scoring Resources

Scoring Resources

Scoring Training Courses

Dates for Accreditation Courses – 2015

All courses are dependent on numbers so registration is ESSENTIAL.

Associations are welcome to nominate to host training courses – contact SV asap

Registration is online here

If you would like to apply for any course and are not sure whether it is for you – contact or 0403 231 914 with your CV of scoring qualifications and experiences.

TBN – To be negotiated depending on applicants’ location or Association offers

NOAS – National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (formal accreditation fees apply)


iScore is the Softball Australia endorsed app used on electronic devices.


Scoring Accreditation

Updating is required to align with the NSC framework under the Australian Sports Commission. Scorers will receive an email from the Australian Sports Commission website, advising that your accreditation is nearing expiry.



Scoring in Australia has an unprecedented reputation that demonstrates current best practice worldwide. This is measured by the ongoing demand for Australian scorers at international competitions.

Softball Australia’s accreditation program enhances the skills of scorers and educators of scoring and ensures Australia continues to lead the world in Softball scoring directives and initiatives.

The Softball Australia scoring program is approved within ASC’s National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS). This program offers scorers a mark of achievement and competency and has raised the bar for scoring by providing an official education pathway for scorers to advance their skills. The program comprises of 4 levels that focussing on technical competency.

At the highest level, recognition for national and international service is granted to those who have advanced their scoring careers to the elite level of scoring and statistics.

The accreditation program teaches all components of scoring in an effort to better educate scorers and to provide a guided pathway for advancement of Australian Softball scorers.

For some people, the accreditation course will have no appeal and will make no difference to them scoring for their local team or club game. Instead, they may choose to score their games based on their skills acquired from a training session, other scorers or various websites.


National Officiating Accreditation Scheme

Accreditation program resources and information under the National Officiating Accreditation Scheme is sequential as follows:

  • Level 1: currently 973 members accredited
  • Level 2: currently 89 members accredited
  • Level 3: currently 197 members accredited
  • Level 4: currently 115 members accredited
  • National recognition: currently 6 members
  • International recognition: currently 7 members.



If you are scoring local competition, then you will be probably automatically being registered as an official. Once you gain confidence in this role, you may want to become a part of the official scoring accreditation program.

To find out information on the accreditation programs conducted in your state, please contact your State Director for more information.



To ensure consistent and professional Softball scoring across the country, Softball Australia relies on the dedicated work of the lecturers who train the scorers.

All level manuals and lecturers guidelines are under review on a consistent basis. Before embarking on any accreditation training, make sure you are utilising the latest versions of documents.

Current exams and marking schemes follow:

Updated files are also available to accredited lecturers and State Directors by emailing the NSC.

All lecturers have been identified and accredited through the NSC. Only accredited personnel are able to conduct training courses on the scoring program. This approach ensures ensure quality control in the rollout of the training program. State Directors seeking additional accredited personnel must apply formally through the NSC program.

Any accredited personnel must undergo a formal accreditation program under the auspices of ASC as follows:

The Accreditation Course Report, registration papers, and the marking results must be completed and forwarded to the NSC within 14 days of an accreditation course being conducted. This will ensure ASC registration and production of your candidate certificates.



The mentoring program offers an opportunity for one-on-one assistance as scorers progress through the scoring program pathway.

Softball Australia’s mentoring training is aligned with the ASC mentoring models. Mentors are invited into the program, firstly, for their technical competency, and secondly, for their recognised skills to assist scorers in achieving their goals. The mentee candidate often drives the mentor relationship, with the assistance and guidance of the mentor.

Whether it is offering advice on a career path or an accreditation direction, mentors are available to provide excellent support. When seeking a mentor, suitable matching is critical to the sustainability and effectiveness of the mentor/ mentee relationship. Contact the NSC and together we can determine your specific needs before helping match you with a mentor.

For further insights, please review the Mentor Program – Handbook and the Mentor Program – Candidate’s Workbook