Operational Committees

Operational Committees

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Committee Structure Overview

Following the release of the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan, the committee structure to support the delivery of strategic objectives is outlined below. Standing Committees are appointed by and report directly to the Board. Operational Committees report directly to the Executive Officer and are approved by the Board on the Executive Officers recommendation. These committees are largely comprised of Recognised Volunteer Positions (RVP). These key volunteers have an identified position description with roles/responsibilities. They may or may not need to attend committee meetings, subject to the work they undertake.

Standing Committees – Reporting directly to the Board on Finance Governance 

Reporting directly to the Executive Officer

  1.  High Performance 

Softball Victoria High Performance Committee (HPC):

The HPC has been established to support the management and the delivery of the athlete and coach development pathways and relevant high performance initiatives in the SV strategic plan.

The Committee is made up of the following members:

  • Nigel Aiken (Open Men’s Head Coach) 
  • Mark Rigg (Open Women’s Head Coach)
  • Simon Blundell (Athlete and Coach Performance Manager)
  • Lauren Daykin (Athlete Representative Female)
  • Lewis Weldon (Athlete Representative Male)
  • Rob Ward (Independent with High Performance Understanding)
  • Kylie Moulds (Independent with Athlete Career and Education Understanding)
  • Chris Holliday
  • Stacey Bulger
  1. Participation & Development 

Committee comprised of:

  1. Competitions and Events

Committee comprised of:

  1. Scoring Committee

Committee comprised of:

  1. Umpiring Committee

Committee comprised of:

  • Chief Umpire (Chair)

  • Training Coordinator (position description pending)

  • Assessment Coordinator (position description pending)

  • Allocations Coordinator (position description pending)

  • Information Officer (position description pending)

  • Other: