Kilvington Grammar Softball stars receive top honour

Kilvington Grammar Softball stars receive top honour

Two of Victoria’s rising softball talents have been inducted into the Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne Hall of Fame.

Kilvington Grammar duo Hannah Bahn (Glen Eira) and Amelia Mercuri (Waverley) were inducted into the EISM Hall of Fame last month, joining the likes of notable sportspeople in Tom Boyd, Michael Klinger, Paul Van der Haar, Damien Hardwick and Pat Cash to also receive the honour.

In order to be inducted, the student (or ex-student) has to be selected for a state team or an elite sporting competition in their chosen sport.

Both Hannah and Amelia played in the team that won the softball premiership for Kilvington in the EISM (2016, 2017), and have been selected for the 2018 Victorian Under 19 Softball team to compete in Blacktown, NSW in January.

Adding even more significance to their selection, the two girls became the first Hall of Fame members from Kilvington Grammar, with the school only joining the collegiate in 2012.

Speaking on the duo’s induction, 18-year-old Amelia said she was proud to find herself added to the list featuring a selection of prominent Australian sportspeople.

“It feels pretty cool, like it’s a quite a feat to be inducted into something like this,” she said.

Despite being a year apart at school, the girls have played plenty of softball together, and are looking forward to continuing that association with the Victorian Under 19 Women’s team in the coming months.

“Hannah and I are in the state team together, and we’ve been playing softball together for many years now,” Amelia said.

“It was definitely nice to be inducted with her.

“The Nationals start on the 22nd of January, its up in Sydney, and Hannah and I will both be competing in that.”

“(The preparation) has been going really well, we’ve been doing a lot of skill based training, and a lot of focussed stuff, and its been going really, really well.”

While Amelia admitted both girls are thrilled with what they’ve achieved so far, she said the focus remained on aiming for bigger and better things in their respective softball careers.

“Definitely I am trying to pursue softball professionally,” she said.

“I know Hannah and I both would like to get into an Olympic team.

“But if softball fades out, and I don’t become a professional, then it will 100% keep being a hobby for my whole life.”

On behalf of the Victorian softball community, we congratulate Amelia and Hannah on their achievement and wish them all the best in the upcoming Nationals!

Huge congratulations to Milli M (Peer group 2016) and Hannah B in Year 12 who have been added to the EISM Hall of Fame….

Posted by Kilvington Grammar on Thursday, 2 November 2017