Coach & Umpire Development Opportunity

Coach & Umpire Development Opportunity

Softball Victoria have been invited to send two umpires and up to four coaches to the Softball South Australia Dragons Fastpitch Program. South Australia developed the program as a tool to assist in the development of their athletes, coaches and officials and currently used it as the pathway for coaches to progress to levels 3 and 4 and umpires to progress to levels 2 and 3.

This is a terrific opportunity to work with your peers and athletes from another state to observe how they approach softball and to interact, discuss and share ideas on establishing higher levels of engagement and competence within softball.

The program is scheduled to take place from 8 to 12 July this year and covers a number of sessions including skill development activities, match play, team building, sport psychology, nutrition, fitness and sports medicine. The cost of the camp is $250 per official, which covers accommodation, meals, facilities, presenters, and materials. Each official would also need to cover the cost of their airfares to and from Adelaide.

Softball Victoria are seeking expressions of interest from individuals who are interested in developing their skills in the areas of coaching or umpiring and who are keen to take up this development opportunity.

To register your interest please send an email to Simon Blundell ( setting out your current accreditation level, relevant experience, and future goals or ambitions in your chosen area (coaching or umpiring) by Friday 11 May.