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Softball Victoria Accredited Assessors & Presenters

Click here to view a list of Softball Victoria Accredited Assessors and Presenters that can be contacted directly if Associations wish to organise a coaching course.


Softball Victoria’s Risk Insurance Programme is presented in partnership with Softball Australia and JLT Sport.

A summary of programme inclusions including Public and Club Management Liability & Personal Injury coverage download here.

To Make A Personal Injury Claim

1. Download the Claim Form

2. Complete each section of the claim form. Please note: Incomplete claim forms may cause delays in processing your claim. For assistance, please contact Sportscovers Claims Department on 1300 134 956

3. Send you claim form into Sportscover via post or fax. Please note: Claim should be lodged within 120 days from the date of the injury. You do not need to wait for all treatments to be completed before submitting your claim form.

4. Sportscover will confirm receipt of your claim form or contact you if they require more information


Development & Coaching:

For further information regarding programs and coaching, please contact Simon Blundell