Casual membership now online

Casual membership now online

The Softball Victoria Casual Membership is a short-term membership of 4 weeks in total that covers individuals for insurance (the same as a full member) for the 4 week period starting from the date of purchase. It is designed to provide new members with an introduction to softball at club level before deciding whether to commit to the remainder of the season or not. The membership is $30 and must be paid for prior to taking the diamond via the link here.

Please note that the $30 will be refunded if the individual takes up a full membership after the casual term has finished. To access a refund the Registrar must email Nick Frayne at with the full name and DOB of the individual. The individual must be registered on Sports TG at the time of requesting the refund for it to be processed.

Casual registration does not provide you access to any softball events, it only able to be utilised to access Association and Club competitions for a 4 week period.

To take out a casual registration, click here.

To register as a full senior, junior or sub-junior please click here.