2017 Merle Short Service Award recipients recognised

2017 Merle Short Service Award recipients recognised

Softball Victoria congratulates Lynda Otimi, Jodie Lightowler, Allison Pendlebury and Angela Forgan on being recipients of the Merle Short Service Awards for 2017.

The Merle Short Service Award honours members for their valuable contribution to Softball by being recognised with the award for exceptional service to Softball.

Lynda Otimi has been recognised for her outstanding service to the sport in her time involved with the Sunshine Softball Association.

Lynda has served continuously on the Sunshine Softball Association Board in various roles for over 20 years and is totally committed to the success of the sport of softball.

Lynda has volunteered hundreds of hours of her time by serving on countless committees at Sunshine Softball Association and as treasurer has worked hard to manage the finances
 of the organisation.

Jodie Lightowler has been acknowledged as a person who has consistently worked for the ultimate good of
 Softball in Victoria as a first priority above any personal goals.

Through a range of roles, Jodie has had an important impact on the management and continued development of the sport of softball at an administrative, coaching, umpiring and playing level. She has been integral to the growth of the Sunshine Softball Association and volunteered countless hours of her time over 20 years of commitment.

Allison Pendlebury is another individual who has provided dedicated service in a variety of roles at both club and association level.

An accomplished statistician with Level 4 accreditation, she has earned Life Memberships at the Eastern Raiders Softball Club and the Waverley Softball Association for her tireless work on the committees of both organisations.

Allison takes great pride in her association through her own work as a statistician for Softball Victoria and the Waverley Softball Association, while also playing a key role in supporting and mentoring club scorers.

Angela Forgan’s Softball journey began in 1991 as a player for the Brandon Park Softball Club and Waverley Softball Association.

Angela took up scoring for Brandon Park in 1992 and has continued scoring for the club ever since. A Level 3 accredited statistician, Angela has served with Softball Victoria since 2001 in numerous junior and senior female state teams.

She has also been a long-serving statistician for the Waverley Association’s Junior Easter Carnival, and has had the honour of being Chief Statistician at National Championships and international series, including the 2002 World Masters.

On behalf of the Victorian Softball community, Softball Victoria congratulates Allison, Angela, Jodie and Lynda for their outstanding contributions to the sport and their well-deserved Merle Short Service Awards.